A New Power is Rising in Nashville

Like most cities in the country and around the world, Nashville is facing a specific set of challenges. Folks who just moved here and those that have lived here their entire lives are struggling to keep up with the cost of living while their income remains stagnant. This problem is magnified by systemic poverty and institutional racism that runs deep in our communities. While some choose to exploit the frustrations brought on by these issues through fear and racism, we seek to lift up leaders who will confront these challenges with bold policy solutions that meet the moment and work for everyone.

The Nashville Justice League is bringing together three of the city’s largest, progressive organizations to cast a new vision for Nashville. The Central Labor Council of Nashville and Middle Tennessee, the Equity Alliance Action Fund, and TIRRC Votes are joining forces to elect a slate of elected officials who share our vision for a more just and equitable Nashville and will stand up for workers’ rights, immigrant rights, and civil rights.

There’s a new power rising in Nashville, and it looks like us!


Nashville Justice League Voter Pledge

In order to make this vision a reality, we need you to join us. Will you take the pledge to stand with us at the ballot box and beyond for a more just and equitable city?

I will join the Nashville Justice League in creating a Nashville for the many, not the few.

At the ballot box and beyond, we will elect candidates and hold politicians accountable to upholding the core values of civil rights, immigrant rights, and workers' rights. Sign the pledge below to receive information and updates about the NJL candidate slate: